About the Author


My name is Natasha Noel Webb and I am a mom of four kids. Although born in Georgia, my family moved to Birmingham, Al when I was 12 yrs old. I was married in 1991 and lived in the small town of Blountsville, Al with my husband from 1992 until we divorced in 2015. I have lived in Cullman, Al since, the place where I started to create my very own brand new beginning. 


I have always loved the arts… acting, writing, singing, drawing, painting, and just about every craft known to man. So after a 25 yr marriage, I decided to spend the rest of my life learning to truly love myself and give myself the same kind of love I have always given to others. You see,  sometimes life takes us down roads in which we nearly lose who we are. We go through the pain because we can’t ever go around it. Then we make a choice… to stay in the same cycle, or to take a new path. So, I began a journey of rediscovery and set out to find the things that truly make me happy. 


If you decide to wait til you are 100% together, you will never start anything.  I had to learn to move forward one step at a time, whether I felt like it or not.  


I have a degree in Applied Science as an RN from Wallace State Community College, but due to several health related issues and homeschooling kids, I chose to start a Travel Agency. I started with a different company as an agent and then decided to purchase my own Franchise with Cruise Planners in August 2019. 


I also started doing the things I loved as a child. You know those dreams you had that never came true? Well, I began to act again and worked behind the scenes on a few movies and even helped co-produce one independent film. I began making art again in several forms and when Covid hit in 2020 and travel was halted, I decided to start writing again. I began writing songs and children’s books and have plans for an upcoming novel and possible screenplay. The possibilities are endless! What I’ve learned is the only thing that truly holds you back… is yourself!


My oldest son Brody, is the inspiration for “The Booger Boy,” my first children’s book  simply because he was always laughing at the stories and dancing to songs I made up and sang to him as a small boy. 


The Booger Boy started as a song when Brody was just a little boy. Inspired by a true story the “Booger Song,” became a favorite in our home and requested by family and friends and would always make any child hearing it laugh out loud despite maybe feeling it was a little … gross! Lol. But that is the point isn’t it? We all deal with unpleasant things in life, so why not laugh and have fun with it ?  I hope you enjoy “The Booger Boy,” as much as my kids have through the years.  


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